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Say GOODBYE to Toenail Fungus!
Perfect Strides MFC is a Partner Clinic for ToeFX! 

1. What is ToeFX?

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The ClearToe Light Therapy is the ONLY Photodisinfection Technology fully approved by Health Canada for the treatment of toenail fungus.  Clinically proven, gentle and safe, with no side effects. FINALLY a reliable option for patients who suffer from toenail fungus!

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2. How does it work?

Slow and steady beats the fungus!  

Following a regular treatment schedule with ClearToe Therapy light over 8-10 sessions results in significant or total clearance in nail fungus in most patients.  Toenail growth is slow, averaging 1mm per month.  For severe cases, more treatments may be required until all of the infected nail has grown out.

yes, but HOW does this treat the fungus?

Affected toes are 'painted' with ClearToe serum.  Left to penetrate the nail, this product adheres to the fungus in the nail, and makes it vulnerable to photodisinfection during the application of the ClearToe Therapy light.


“ToeFX is committed to delivering foot care professionals clinically tested, evidence-based solutions based on cutting-edge research. We are an ISO-13485 (2016) certified company and the ClearToe Therapy Light for the treatment of onychomycosis is authorized for sale by Health Canada.” 

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