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Barbara Reeves RN, BSN, AFCN

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         Perfect Strides Medical Foot Care provides            Advanced Foot Care by a Registered Nurse.
Clients can be assured they are receiving care from a  Registered Nurse with Advanced Training in Foot Care.  The instruments used in your care are all 'sterilized to the point of use'.  This practice reduces the risk of cross contamination. Your clinician is a member in good standing with the BCCNM (British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives ) and the CAFCN (Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses).
Certified in Onyfix, PodoExpert, and ToeFX.

Perfect Strides Medical Foot Care is NOT a podiatrist or pedorthist service.  We support care for the lower limb/foot integumentary system and provide referrals and education as required.

*Acceptable payments include Cash, Cheque, Major Credit Cards and Debit.

​*Check your medical plan for Foot Care benefits-you may be covered!

*Foot Care is recognized by Canada Revenue Agency as a medical expense

*Blue Cross registered provider: #8101

-Pricing subject to change without notice.

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